Eric Stanze's Final "Surviving Cinema" Entry At FEARnet.comExclusively for, Eric Stanze scrutinizes Adam Ahlbrandt’s upcoming film, THE SADIST from a business perspective.  Has Adam Ahlbrandt reinvented the indie film funding / distribution game?


"Surviving Cinema" by Eric StanzeExclusively for, Eric Stanze details his experience as a camera operator on a grueling documentary shoot.


Pages From The ScriptExclusively at!  Pages from Eric Stanze’s ICE FROM THE SUN shooting script have surfaced.  Full screen the image galleries here for a glimpse into the making of this unprecedented experimental horror/art film.

ICE FROM THE SUN won “Best Horror / Experimental Feature Film” at the 2003 New York International Independent Film And Video Festival, was listed among “The Ten Greatest Cinematic Headtrips Of All Time” by, and was called “startlingly brilliant” by the New York Daily News.

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Scene 58Thanks to producer Jeremy Wallace, Stanze presents documents from the making of ICE FROM THE SUN which have not seen the light of day for nearly two decades.  Full screen the image gallery to glimpse the method to the madness.


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