“Without a doubt, independent filmmaker Eric Stanze is one of the more seasoned and exciting storytellers working today.”
– DreadCentral.com


“Eric Stanze has been one of the indie horror scene’s most prominent and influential filmmakers for at least 20 years.”
– HorrorYearBook.com


“Eric Stanze is a filmmaker who has created an astonishing output of jolting, original flicks which provide an intellectual and artistic shock. His films stand out for their audacity and imagination.”
– Film Threat Magazine


“Director Eric Stanze is to be congratulated on raising the bar for horror avant-garde filmmaking.”
– New York Daily News


“In Stanze’s hands, the impossible comes magically to life, radiating off the screen in waves of sheer talent.  He has the chops to walk right into Hollywood today and command any level of production, from a large scale work of epic scope to a small, two person character study.  He inherently understands the nature of the cinematic artform and accents it with amazing accomplishment.”
– PopMatters.com



Eric Stanze is a director, writer, and producer whose films have been released throughout North America and Europe, as well as in Australia and Asia.  He also routinely works as an editor, 2nd unit director, and voice-over talent.  Stanze also has acting, special effects, sound design, and camera/electric/grip credits to his name. Stanze’s work spans independent feature films, music videos, documentaries, short films, and more.

Stanze’s first-ever job on a professional shoot came at the age of 16 – he was an unpaid cue-card boy on a PSA about the dangers of drunk driving.  He continued interning on local commercials and music videos from age 16 through 18.  Stanze began working professionally in television, video production, and feature films in 1990 when he was only 18 years old.  Since then, he has continuously earned his living exclusively in the film / video / television industry.



Eric Stanze directed 2nd Unit for the feature film MARSHALL THE MIRACLE DOG (also known as MARSHALL’S MIRACLE), starring Lauren Holly (WHAT WOMEN WANT, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, DUMB & DUMBER), Shannon Elizabeth (AMERICAN PIE), and Matthew Settle (BAND OF BROTHERS).

Stanze directed 2nd Unit on the feature film WE ARE WHAT WE ARE for director Jim Mickle.  The film stars Michael Parks (GRINDHOUSE, RED STATE, TUSK), Bill Sage (HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE), Julia Garner (SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR), Ambyr Childers (THE MASTER), Kassie Wesley (EVIL DEAD 2), and Kelly McGillis (TOP GUN, WITNESS). The film was an Official Selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and an Official Selection of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Stanze directed, shot, edited, and co-wrote the feature film RATLINE, which won Best Feature in the Crime Film category at the 2011 Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Best Director at the 2013 Scare-A-Con Film Festival in Syracuse, New York.  The movie was released to remarkable critical acclaim, and it landed on several year-end “Best Films Of 2011” lists.  PopMatters.com ranked RATLINE #1 on its “Top 10 ‘Outsider Films’ of 2011” list.  RATLINE was listed among the top 100 Essential Alternative Horror Films of the last 100 years by Rue Morgue Magazine.

Stanze directed 2nd Unit on the feature film STAKE LAND for director Jim Mickle and producer Larry Fessenden.  STAKE LAND stars Nick Damici (LATE PHASES), Connor Paolo (television’s GOSSIP GIRL), and Kelly McGillis (TOP GUN, WITNESS).  The film won the People’s Choice Award for the Midnight Madness category at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, then went on to gather glowing critical praise.  STAKE LAND made numerous year-end “Best Films Of 2011” lists.

Stanze directed, wrote, shot, and edited the feature film DEADWOOD PARK, which won Best Feature and Best Cinematography when it premiered at the 2007 Freak Show Film Fest in Orlando, Florida.  DEADWOOD PARK received glowing reviews on the web and in print around the world.  Both Rue Morgue Magazine and Fangoria Magazine, the two biggest genre film publications in North America reviewed the film and gave it high recommendations.  FilmMonthly.com called DEADWOOD PARK “Easily one of the best independent American horror films of the last decade.”  PopMatters.com called the film “A visually stunning and emotionally powerful piece of cinema.”

Stanze directed, shot, and edited the controversial and critically-acclaimed SCRAPBOOK, which was named Best Independent Film Of The Year by Rue Morgue Magazine in 2001.  SCRAPBOOK screened as part of the 2007 Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, where it won Best Feature Film.

Stanze directed, wrote, and edited ICE FROM THE SUN, which won Best Horror / Experimental Feature at the 2003 New York International Independent Film And Video Festival.  FilmRacket.com listed ICE FROM THE SUN on its ‘Top Ten Greatest Cinematic Headtrips Of All Time’ list, where Stanze shared the spotlight with legendary directors David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Charlie Kaufman, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Shane Carruth.



Eric Stanze is the editor of several recent Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures behind-the-scenes documentaries, produced for the studios’ Blu-ray releases.



From October of 2007 through April of 2014, Eric Stanze wrote professionally for FEARnet.com, one of the biggest horror film websites in the world.

Stanze occasionally writes for other film websites, and has contributed to books about independent filmmaking.

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