Eric Stanze has been the director, cinematographer, producer, editor and/or post-production supervisor on more than twenty-five music videos and short films.  He was an associate producer on and lead actor in CURVEBALL: PILE OF JUNK which won multiple awards, including the prestigious Cine Eagle Award.


On occasion, Stanze can be seen on screen or heard in a film.  He played a supporting role in the indie World War 2 drama, RHINELAND, as “Sgt. Hawkins”.  Stanze played a leading role in the sequel to one of his own movies, the Jason Christ directed SAVAGE HARVEST 2: OCTOBER BLOOD, in which Stanze played “Zack Ledanakoh”.  Notable voice-over performances include STRAWBERRY SPRING, a short Stephen King adaptation, STAKE LAND, for which Stanze voiced a radio newscaster, and WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, for which Stanze contributed the voice of a weatherman.



Eric Stanze is the editor of several recent Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures behind-the-scenes documentaries, produced for the studios’ Blu-ray releases.


From 2001 through 2007, Stanze functioned as an executive producer on a dozen micro-budget exploitation films, horror movies, and adult comedies commissioned by multiple production companies in Europe – spearheaded by a production company based in New York.  These projects, financed out of France, Germany, and the UK, and helmed by various directors, were essentially made-to-order and cranked out rapid-fire.  The majority of these were made between 2001 and 2003, during which time Stanze was also producing films for his own company.  As a result, Stanze sometimes found himself juggling five feature-length movie productions simultaneously.  In addition to the value his name carried, Stanze was primarily hired to shepherd these films to completion due to his proficiency in and track record of keeping challenging productions on budget and on schedule.  The workload was substantial, and the overseas producers’ increasing demand for quantity over quality made the partnership less and less practical.  The final film to come from this partnership was completed and released in 2007.

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